I have two questions that I'd love someone to help me with! First, I've never used HDMI on a computer, as I've had laptops for the last 4-5 years and plan on building a new computer sometime shortly. Since I had the laptops though, I don't have a monitor. But I do have this dandy giant 42inch 1080 TV that barely gets used unless it's by me anyways. If I build a computer, does it usually take more resources to use HDMI instead of a standard AVI out? And how big of a difference will I notice in quality? I'd be sitting probably roughly 5 feet away from the TV.... for a computer built for gaming, would I want to shell out the extra cash for a monitor, or should I use the TV?

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  1. AVI is a video format. VGA is an analog video input/output port.

    HDMI is a digital input/output port for both video and audio. You need to make sure your HDTV has HDMI if it is somewhat old.

    HDMI uses no more resources than typical VGA and sound output. HDMI output should look at least as good as VGA since it is digital vs. analog.

    Since you have the HDTV already, just try it out from 5' away to find out if it is good enough for gaming. I typically prefer gaming on a monitor right in front of me.
  2. Thank you! Good advice. Might as well just build it, use it, and then get a monitor if I feel like I need one. One more question, then I'll be done, I swear! My TV is in the living room, and the PC Monitor (If I'd ever buy one) would be in my room. Is there any way to wirelessly transmit the video data to the screen? I'd imagine not, but if someone had devloped some sort of wireless HDMI port, it'd be nice to not run a wire through my whole house...
  3. You can get media streamers I believe although I am not sure if they can do what you are wanting and the latencies would probably be quite high unless it is just for movie, i.e porn watching it would be okay of you can find a product if they exist.
  4. none commercially available yet, though the standard has just been finalized so it shouldn;t be too long before wireless HDMI streaming is possible. expect it to be VERY expensive at first though.

    since you have laptops though, you can always use that to stream your data over the home network (ORB for media, streammygame for games) and display on your monitor without needing to lug a pc into another room.
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