8800GT weird artifacting errors/freezing [PIC]

Hey Everyone, I am having some trouble with my 8800gt. Its a little hard to describe the problem, so heres a picture:

This happens nearly every time i do something graphically intensive, and requires a restart (computer freezes, and such). Ive had this problem for a while, and RMA'ed one 8800GT, but that did not solve the problem.

My setup is:
EVGA 680i SLI mobo
Intel Q6600
2gb Corsair RAM (I have replaced the ram a few times just to ensure that this wasnt causing my problem)
800w PSU
(None of these are overclocked)

Thanks for the help guys!
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  1. Did you sweep your drive with driver sweeper? You might have leftover old driver files that are conflicting with your current driver.
  2. No I have not, but that being said, this happened in vista AND win7 after a clean format/install, so I dont think it could result from that...
  3. did you revert to an an older driver just to rule that out?
  4. No, but ive been having this problem since about july of last year and have put up with it (only, i want to fix it now that MW2 is out... lol), so I dont think i could even find a driver older than that that will work with win7
  5. do you have your boards latest Bios? Firmware? etc??

    Nvidias latest driver for the 8600/Win 7 is working perfectly fine. I don't think your issue has anything to do with the GPU itself unless the RMA'ed card was used and not actually sealed by the manufacturer.
  6. The board is running the P33 BIOS, the 8800GT has the latest BIOS (EVGA put one out a long time ago, maybe 6mths after the card came out). Not sure what you mean by firmware though...
  7. have you installed your motherboard chipset drivers? What are the temps of your video card? Have you tried using a different monitor or different vga or dvi cables? Also what brand is your PSU?
  8. 1. Yes, up-to-date
    2. active: ~50C
    3. No i have not tried different monitor/cables, tho I dont think this would cause the PC to freeze... (Audio cuts out. thats how I know its frozen)
    4. Its an OCZ 700w (not 800W as stated above. sorry)
  9. active 50C? do you mean on load? and what program are you using to check temps? I usually use GPU-Z. Do you know a friend that could test your GPU in their system because then you would know for sure. The most probable causes in this case is usually GPU, drivers, or PSU.
  10. Yes, on-load. I use EVGA's Precision software. I can try it in another system, but its not really comparable to mine. What would be the best way to vigorously test it?
  12. Would it be a good idea to test to see if it was the PCI-e slot/controller? (as in, could that cause this issue)
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