Application and data server

I want to build a server for my business.

budget for the server is $2500AUD

It will need to run:
Microsoft Server 2008 R2. Standard or Enterprise or Datacenter.
SQL Server 2008 32 bit Workgroup Edition.
40 clients concurrent.

minimum 4 GB RAM in order to use the SQL server max. capability.
Quad core processor to use the HyperV of the Windows 2008 R2.

3 SCSI Hard drives 150GB each for mirroring and parity.

Exclusive installation of the application Server on IIS.
Data server installation to a "default" instance of, and not a "named" instance of SQL Server. thus will only utilize 4GB RAM.
"Mixed Mode Authentication" and SQL Server Agent service need to be enabled and running.

The 40 clients will use tablets:
wireless, 2 x 802.11n AP to distribute the bandwidth equally on 20 MAC address for the clients laptops.

Software to run is:

Please help in choosing the parts for this server.

Many thanks
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  1. If you need a good server, I dont't know how to express this.
    Home build systems might not be a perfect solution, if you wanna use the server for your business. "Home"-build server meant to be used only for home.
    I personally prefer prebuild solutions for business class servers.
    It is just my opinion, others may have different.
  2. If prebuild is the way, which brand and model?
  3. How much is AU$2500 in USD or €?
    Have you tried to contact any of the authorized vendor from :
    Lenovo (IBM), Dell, or HP?
    Choosing servers fro business is critical, you might want to get all your questions cleared ASAP if possible directly.
  4. $2350
  5. I know Dell has a good presence down/under. Look for a system using the Windows SBS server. That will have your OS, SQL, email, IIS and Hyper-V. Only downside is 2008R2 isn't available in an SBS flavor yet.

    If you are going to be using Hyper-V as you indicate, you will want more than 4GB of RAM, especially if you plan on allocating the majority of it towards SQL operations. But do you really need that much for the SQL DB?

    By 3 drives for mirroring and Parity, do you rally mean going RAID5?

    Is your $2500AU budget for hardware only or software as well? Because 2008R2, plus enough CALs for your client base plus SQL is almost that amount right there. 2008R2 Standard includes 5 CALs. Enterprise includes 10. But Enterprise is $3000US right there. Standard is $800US.
  6. I am guessing that 4GB RAM is enough for the sql.
    Yes I mean RAID 5, and am thinking to get the SSD hard drives for extra speed.
    I will not need the system for 40 clients right away, it will be 5 for a month or two and adding 5 each 3 months.
    I can expand as I go in order to control the capital expenses.
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    Well I just as a test configured a Dell PE-T310 server with an X3430 proc, 8GB RAM, 3 250GB SATA drives in RAID5 using the onboard PERC and SBS 2008SP2 with 5 CALs (that's not R2) for $2100US. I don't think I'd go with SSD drives for a SQL DB due to how much drive traffic that would generate.
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