HELP! Overclocking the i5-2500k

*NOTE: This is a repost from the CPU section as i derped and didnt see the GIANT Overclocking section, doh*

Alright so im overclocking the i5 using this guide [...] i5-2500k/4

The first time i had the multi thread set to 1, it booted without the voltage error but got hung up on the OS boot screen [BEFORE the actual windows loading screen]

After bumping it up to 3, Upon it restarting itself i get the message "Boot Failure due to overclocking or change of voltage"

Anyone help?

Motherboard: gigabyte Z68XP-ud3

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K

RAM: 2x4GB Patriot Gamer Series 2

Video Card: AMD HD 6900 2GB


Hard drives:
120GB Corsair SSD
1TB 7200RPM Drive

Optical Drives: DVD-RW

Number of fans present:
1x 140MM
3x 230MM

Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper TX3
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    AW COME ON, MAN! Seriously!? :\
    There's nothing easier than OverClocking Sandy's 2500K! Even kids can do that!

    1. Reset all BIOS settings to default.
    2. Set Bus Clock to 100MHz.
    3. Set Multiplier to x40 (or whatever you need, use simple match, man. It's kindergarten-level of stuff, seriously).
    4. "Save and Exit BIOS".
    5. ????????
    6. PROFIT!

    P.S. It is highly unlikely that you'll have to do it with your board, but maybe you'll need to up Voltage a little bit if you're going higher than 3.8GHz.
    P.P.S. I suggest you get OCCT for testing. %)
  2. Its my first overclock on the second PC ive built.

    Sorry i dont have nearly as much experience in this as you :/

    So the problem im having is adjusting the voltages like it says in the guide i linked?
  3. What's your Voltage RIGHT NOW? 1.270~1.360 usually more than enough to stably run this beast at constant 4.2GHz (or even higher).
  4. Well i did as you suggested, but was greeted with a blue screen that said Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal.

    It happend on 40x and 45x.

    Just read the the part about voltage, id really like to get it up to around 4.5x if i could. Ive read thats a good stable level for the i5s.

    Downloading OCCT as we speak, i already have coretemp and CPU-Z
  5. Tsukuyomi0101 said:
    Blue screen that said Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal.

    Read this.
  6. Reading it

    Voltages are
    1.260 VC
    1.050 QPI
    0.920 AGENT
    1.500 DRAMM in the BIOS

    The OCCT program shows:
    CPU VTT: 1.06
    VCC3: 3.3

    CPU VC: 1.25-1.26
    DRAM: 1.51
    VINO: 1v

    Hm, so its a Driver GPU issue? It seems it was a Nvidia issue, and i run an ATI card.

    Also it only happened when trying to overclock it, never had that before and it instantly resolved itself

    P.S. OCCT is up and ready
  7. "VC" is what you need. That's the Voltage that feeds your CPU. Try changing it to around "1.290" or "1.310~1.330", while setting "Bus Clock" to 100MHz and Multiplier to x38 (or you can try "50MHz, x76", if you think that your Motherboard can't provide good enough BCLK can happen with some boards).
    You'll get exactly 3.800MHz at the output under load (or, if you turn off the SS, you can get that at constant) - more than enough to test your CPU's OverClocking ability. %)
  8. Thanks for all the help! I learn pretty hands-on, and its starting to make alot more sense to me.

    Alright testing it
  9. Tsukuyomi0101 said:
    It starting to make a lot more sense to me.

    The main thing that you should learn, is that it's EASY AS HELL to OverClock modern Intel's processors, unlike 6+ years ago...
    You basically do it only by Multiplying base BCLK, while in the past there was no easy way to determine numbers and you had to do it by trial and error ALL the time.
    Some old-school people bitch and whine that Intel made OverClocking's too easy these days, that there's no more OverClocking via Bus itself...I say screw them.
    I had enough of my years spend on funking with the old-style OverClocking (LN2 and all that), I'm really thankful to Intel's new ways.
  10. Up and running at 3.8GHz!

    Very stable tempatures. Almost no change from the tempatures during a heavy load before, maybe .5-1C at the most
  11. try "100MHz x44". %)
    I hope you have a good Cooler...or else...burn baby, BUUURN!!!
    Almost no change from the tempatures during a heavy load before.

    You should run OCCT's "Full Load - All Cores" for at least 30 minutes, to get the most accurate results.
  12. Quote:
    It's not a matter of overclocking is too easy, it's a lack of control. On older Intels (and on amd still at least, ahem), you could control a lot more. BCLK makes things easier, but I far prefer FSB as it allows for much more control and tweaking.

    . But before, you could set ANYTHING as your frequency. Not only that, but .

    I'd give anything to be able to overclock my memory controller on ivy bridge. You could have huge increases in performance, given how awesome it already is.

    And it's hardly any 'easier'. You could always just crank the multi and voltage and call it a day.

    >On BCLK, you are basically limited to 100Mhz intervals.
    Like that's a bad thing.
    Also, limited in the higher side, not in lower side (you can still lower it, upping the life span of the CPU, since the higher the Bus' frequency, the faster CPU degrades).

    >It also allowed you to overclock non-K edition (I'd give anything to have an OverClockable i3).
    Turbo-Boost? Не, не слышал. %)

    >With more options, you simply were able to go much...deeper.
    "We need to go deeper".jpeg
  13. 44x blue screened while i was typing a post. Set it back to 38x

    As for a good cooler im not that worried, my heatsink is very good for the price, ive installed another fan on it to help move more air as well.

    My case itself moves a crapton of air [<3 Coolermaster cases]

    Also i plan to monitor my temp with any OCing :]
  14. Just try to find that exact roof-level where you "can OverClock, but at the same time have 100% stability the entire time".
    Just try different combinations of Multiplying and find what suits you the best. For me, for example, 4.4GHz is the maximum stable frequency I could get to without SS and on air.
    I'm basically sitting on it 24/7. But it's because my cooler's and case's cooling capabilities allowing that, it doesn't mean that it will work for everyone.

    Also, you can always just up the Voltage higher, thus getting needed stability, but at larger power consumption expense.
    If you get BSOD, that just means that either your CPU's doesn't get enough "Voltage food", or that your cooler can't cool the stove effectively enough. %)
  15. Temp during the stress test has gone up quite a bit after using all 4 cores. Im hovering around 65C but my case is rather dusty so i think thats giving me a bit more heat then i would want.

    I just bought some air for that reason, time to break it out lol
  16. Gave it a quick dusting and it dropped to around 62-63C [57C in #0]

    Also voltage isnt an issue for me, i got a 750W because i plan on going crossfire soon, as well as eventually adding a Watercooler
  17. you're my HAF-bro...
    HAF X/XM, I presume?

    P.S. 57c on Idle at 3.8GHz? That's not a very productive cooler (or a crappy thermal paste) you have there, man. :\
  18. HAF 932 for this case, its a ******* tank. I think it could survive a nuke lol

    EDIT: No not idle, im running the all cores test on OCCT. 20min in

    I havent messed around with fan speed either, i bet i could squueze out some more cooling with that.

    The temps have been very stable after i dusted the case quickly.'

  19. Oh sorry. I read that wrong, lol.
    I read "#0" as "0% Load", not as "Core #0", which is first core, lol. Yeah, I am made of stupid. %)
  20. Nah youve helped me alot :] thanks so much man.

    I now know the most basic overclocking, woot :]
  21. Best answer selected by Tsukuyomi0101.
  22. Tsukuyomi0101 said:
    Thanks so much.

    You're always welcome. Have a nice gaming stove. %)
  23. Oh i will! Have a nice day, youve started someone down the path of overclocking this day :p
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