Hd 4650 AGP, will it fit in my mobo.

My computer model is PCV-RS613GY
My Mobo model is P4SD-VL

My mobo supports AGp 8x 1.5 keyed cards so the card will work, I just don't know if it will fit, I don't want to buy a card and find out it won't fit, I currently have a radeon 9200 in it, and my burnt out 6600OC fit in there, if the 6600 fit in there would the 4650 fit?
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  1. Not sure what you mean by fit, as a full-lengh card it would fit. By the port if it is the correct voltage it will work. Try a BIOS update from Sony before you proceed.
  2. I meant as in full length if it would run into anything, I will update BIOS, mobo already supports 8x cards at the 1,5 voltage.
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    Probably not, your Sony looks like a good tower case with room, though if you're not sure try to measure if you have to.
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