Geforce 8800 audio out?

Hey. Is it possible to get audio passed thru the dvi connector of an 8800gtx if one was to use a dvi to hdmi converter?
seems a bit silly to buy a new lowend radeon 5 series card just to get hdmi with sound.

system in question:
xp sp3 32 bit
core 2 duo
xfx 8800gtx
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  1. I had a 8800gtx for almost three years now, it just died on me a couple of days ago, but I've actually done a lot of research on this topic, and found that the 8800gtx does not support audio out at all. The card is a monster, but was created just before the sound via HDMI demand was there.
  2. IIRC the 8800GTX did not have a SPIDF connector in which case the simple answer is no, you can't have sound over a DVI to HDMI connector.
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