A tip for People getting SSDs for their OS.

Just a tip for users planning to get SSDs then just storing their OS there...
DOnt use Paragon Software's Migrate to OS program....

It ruined my PC...
everything got messed up and not running, well all the programs it is, even the ones in the control panel.
(due to because the directory detects a different path way that i changed)

i recommend doing a fresh install of everything, if you have OEM, just download a windows 7 ISO from thepiratebay and use your own Product key from the side of your case... nothing illegal....
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  1. What you are recommending is actually illegal since I doubt that Microsoft has given Pirate Bay the rights to distribute their software. Digital River offers LEGITIMATE ISO copies of Windows that you can download and use your Windows product key with.

    Please do not mention using software piracy sites as any form of solution- this is against forum rules. You can easily Google this, and it is 100% legitimate as a Microsoft distribution.
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