USB enumeration, driver matching, HID mouse

Just very fundamental questions on the USB HID mouse stuff.
I wonder why as indicated in the Device Manager, an USB mouse appears in two different categories, and uses different drivers. Can anyone explain this to me:

Human Interface Devices
- USB Human Interface Device
Device Instance Id: USB\VID_0461&PID_4D22\5&330ACA4A&0&2. Driver: hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys, hidusb.sys

Mice and other pointing devices
- HID-compliant mouse
Device Instance Id: HID\VID_0461&PID_4D22\6&30F9378A&0&0000. Driver: mouclass.sys, mouhid.sys
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  1. The first is likely your USB keyboard. . .
  2. Nope, not quite right. The two devices have the same PID and VID.
    I am sure they are from the same mouse device which I plugged in.
    I just couldn't understand why it appears as two different devices, and uses different drivers?
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