Monitor Goes Black for 1sec Randomly

Hey all, I got my new pc built and installed my video card drivers from ATI (5850 HD Radeon). I get a black screen for 1sec every once in a while either when i click on something or go to a new webpage or take out a usb device. But it doesn't happen every time.

Wondering why it is doing this, I'm using a Sanyo 42" tv with an hdmi cable plugged into my pc. I turned aero themes off and i'm using windows basic themes. I installed the drivers for the video card off the cd. Not sure why I'm getting these, I haven't seen any black screens during gaming, just when i browse the internet, click on folders, remove or insert usb devices mostly.

Also was wondering, is there any known way to splitscreen a 42" tv for WoW or Aion so my wife and I can both play on the same tv? Figure there probably isn't but you never know, and I figure you guys would know more than anyone else.

Please help me troubleshoot this black screen flicker and let me know if there's any way to splitscreen games with 2 PC's being viewed on 1 monitor.

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  1. Unfortunately you can't split a screen like that except maybe in showrooms. As for your flicker have you set the resolution and refresh rate correctly?
  2. well, my resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 and my monitor is set to 60hertz in control panel settings. When it's set to that or 1600 x whaterver or higher the screen gets jittery.

    So going into ATI Catalyst controls I've forced 1920 x 1080, 32bit color, and 60hertz. Doing that i can be in 1920x1080 and screen doesn't jitter. But like i stated earlier screen goes blank ever so couple for a sec or two. any ideas?
  3. Well, i just uninstalled my ATI display drivers and downloaded the most recent drivers from ATI's website and installed them. Still having the same issue.

    Resolution 1920 x 1080, 60hertz 42" tv connected via hdmi cable.
  4. Not sure but on the US Sanyo site you TV supports that resolution. Can you try lowering your res to 1380x768? Tell me are you using VGA or DVI with HDMI adapter?
  5. 42" Sanyo has 1920x1080p resolution and i'm using an HDMI adapter in the DVI slot of the tv and connected to the cpu's hdmi port.
  6. Your TV has 3 HDMI inputs. Try the one that is marked 1. If you are using the TV for sound also it should work since HDMI carries display and sound signals.
  7. I am having this same issue with my 5850 routing video from its HDMI port to my receiver to my HDTV. I am using the latest drivers (10.3) and temps look fine <40. PSU is an 850HX Corsair, as well, so shouldn't be a power issue.
  8. Yeah I pretty much have the same setup with the latest driver, same issue still. Haven't found a solution.
  9. some manufacterer's supply their own drivers, have you checked your's website? Go into the Catalyst menu does it specifically see the Sanyo 42' TV?
  10. Yeah it will say Sanyo 42" I believe within the Catalyst menu, I know if I brought the resolution up all the way it was "rippling" or wavy on some areas of the screen at 1920x1080 resolution. I believe i've got it set to the resolution before that one atm. Screen still goes black when I click on websites sometimes or when i start an application sometimes. Screen has not went black once while in a game though, which is great. I deleted the drivers off and downloaded the newest drivers from ati for my gfx card (5850 HD Radeon) but still does the same thing. Only thing I can think of is because I'm not using an audio cable, which it says for me to plug in on the monitor when turning it on for hdmi, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  11. Then I'm as stumped as you, the audio cable should have nothing to do with the display problem as audio and video are seperate signals, otherwise I would cross my fingers and hope 10.4 fixes the problem. ATI has had problems releasing drivers that was not going to screw up something from before, does this happen on any other TVs?
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