'New' gaming rig - upgrade magnitude?

Dear community,

Recently, a good friend of mine managed to compile me a solid list of parts for my 'new' gaming PC. I told him that I would like a mid-range gaming system, so nothing too high-end, special or expensive, since I will be simply be using it for gaming and home entertainment. Everything will be assembled soon, but just out of curiousity, would what the magnitude of the upgrade be? He said it should run twice as fast in terms of overall performance, but will it really be that much of a step-up for this 1 year old rig?

Lets say here are the most important things:

CPU: Athlon 64 X2 6400+ (3.2ghz) ---> i5 750 (most likely to be OC'd to 3.6 for starters)
RAM: 4GB DDR2 PC2-4200 (single kits x4) ---> 4GB G. Skill Ripjaws PC3-106666 1333mhz dual channel
GPU: Radeon 4830 1GB (operating at PCI-E v1 lane) ---> Radeon 4890 1GB (to operate at PCI-E x16 v2 lane

OS (W7 ultimate) and Monitor (20" Samsung Syncmaster) will reamin the same.

Was wondering if anybody could provide me a rough/brief estimate of the overall performance jump, or even in games such as MW2, BF2 and Crysis? Many thanks in advance.
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  1. This will let you compare CPUs

  2. The CPUs are almost irrelevant to gaming performance. Upgrading the graphics card is going to be a much bigger peformance increase than the CPU.

    In the "Charts" section there are extensive FPS comparisons of graphics cards in various games. You will see how much much improvement your graphics card update should make.

    A 4890 may not be the best long term choice. Going with a slightly slower, cheaper, cooler, less power hungry 5770 that has DX11 is worth considering. You also should think about moving up to a much faster 5850. Its more expensive but substantially faster and still less power hungry than a 4890.

    If you get a new i5 750 system, look at the toms CPU articles about overclocking them. OCing at 3.2 with Turbo Boost on will give you comparable performance with less power usage than OCing at 3.6 with turbo boost off.
  3. ^ +1 hes right if your only gaming you won't notice any performance gains from say a phenom ii , but then again you would need to change your mobo. If you really want a performance increase the area to do it would be the GPU. I would recommend getting at LEAST a 5770 (for DX 11).
  4. fps Games DO want at least 2 Cores and the fastest clock possible.

    = Al =
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