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Corsair Dominator 1333 AMD or 1600 intel with some different timings

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    From your 3 choices I'd go with the 1600 @ CL8 Would yeald about the bset performance over all.

    Over all your 1st and 2nd choice would yield about the same performance. Some apps prefer the higher speed, then others like the low CL ( read a review that indicated this), Reading between the lines it prefered CL 8 or lower.

    This is what I'm getting, 1600 @ CL7 @ 1.6 V - Low CL and also slightly LOWER voltage
    Curenttly using ripjaws but 4 x 2 Gig / CL7, @ 1.60 Volts, works great!
  2. Cool, lets say I put that DDR 1333 at timings of 6-6-6-20 ( And I heard this can be done with stock voltages ) Would It be worth it? Then again its the same ram, so I could probably get the CL8 down to 7.
  3. Note that CAS8 and CAS9 is not much difference at all in performance. If one asks to choose 1600 CAS8 or 1600 CAS9, I'd rather go with the price of cheaper one.
  4. Its a question of $$ vs small increase in performance. My self, I go with cl7 @ 1600 - I'll wait for a sale.
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