Which is better

Which is better to buy and why?

2x 5870's


1x 5970
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  1. the 5970, you can eventually get another or even completely overhaul the GPU, but the 5870 is better if you aren't looking for any long term upgrades
  2. 2 HD 5870s perform better than 1 HD 5970.a 5970 performs like 2 5850's in CF.
    But 1 5970 requires only one PCI-E slot,runs cooler and has less power consumption than 2 5870's and also the performance difference isn't worth the money,so IMO getting a 5970 would be a wiser choice but for pure performance,2 5870's perform better
  3. Go for single 5970 for all the reasons okini mentioned.

    BTW Such powerful cards also require an equally powerful CPU and PSU (And Other components too!)
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