SSD+HDD or Hybrid Drive?

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  1. If you have at least a z68 chip set, the combo would be the better pick (ssd caching). I have it and my system is pretty zippy. Though I have never used a hybrid drive so I can't speak on that; I am sure there are benchies out there if you care to search for them.

  2. dont have that mobo yet but i am caught on which to go for for my new build.

    hybrid looks promising if i wouldn't need extra storage later on, would end up costing me more..

    combo does seem like the logical way to for boot one for storage...

    just wanted to see a few more opinions on the matter before i go ahead and click "checkout" ^^
  3. HDD + SSD + decent ammount of ram + this program:

    Level 1 - Ram caching
    Level 2 - SSD caching

    You make a wonderful hybrid drive backed up by ultra-fast ram. Can't get any better than this !
  4. what about going crazy with this

    OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCIe X4 Sandforce Nvelo Dataplex Solid State Disk Flash Drive

    1TB HDD 100GB SSD

    says it learns as u use your programs...
    that means..frequentlyly used programs will load files faster?

    all for a low price of...400....T.T
  5. That's the general principle of caching... isn't it ? :)

    Intel RST (Z68, Z77) does caching on SSD, so is the program I mentioned, and it's preety much the same principle on the Seagate Hybrid or that crazy RevoDrive.

    However, using the software sollution you get the most out of it, since you can use all the capacity of a SSD for caching (64 GB max for Intel RST), instead of the tiny 4GB on that Seagate Hybrid.

    Of course, RevoDrive ... but that one's so "cheap" :)
  6. HDD+SSD combo it is~
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