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Will i see a big difference if i overclock my 1045t from 2.7Ghz to 3.5GHz with the Cooler Master 212 Plus?
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  1. In some applications and games you may see an appreciable difference (FSX comes to mind) in others the difference may be minimal (if even noticable), it really depends upon your usage and how CPU dependent the applications/games are
  2. Ah you read my mind lol! Im a serious FSX simmer that wants good performance in my PMDG 737 and fast ground texture loading
  3. Your ground textures (depending upon who created them) may be more GPU dependent but then you should be able to overclock your GPU also if needed (I wouldn't think so - although mine is, but that's most for my RC simulators (Real Flight, Aerofly and Phoenix which respond well to that). I honestly have not looked at the effect of overclocking the GPU has had on FSX and texture packs... hmmm
  4. Im using GEX (Ground Environment Xtreme) ground textures but the time it takes to get the ground textures fully sharp is like 15 seconds. Im currently upgrading my computer as a mid-range/budget one for gaming and im planning to buy a Vapor X 7770 or a stock Radeon 7770 in May. Hopefully that and the overclock will be able to do the job for me
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