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How do I move stuff from my old PC to my current PC?


My old Windows 98 PC - built around 2001 - has some files on it which I would like to put on my current PC - built in 2006.

- The old one has USB ports but it doesn't have any drivers for flash drives.

- I tried using a CD-RW but it wouldn't recognise it.

- It doesn't have an internet connection. I tried connecting my Ethernet cable to it but it still wouldn't connect to the internet.

- It has a floppy drive but my current PC doesn't.

- My current PC has a SATA II HDD whereas the old one has an IDE HDD so I don't think I can interchange the HDDs.

So does anyone have any ideas as to how I can transfer my files?
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    You have a few options:
    1. Remove the HDD from old pc and connect it internally to the new one. Then simply copy files.
    2. Remove the HDD from old pc and connect it externally to the new one (if you have a IDE to USB adapter).
    3. Connect both to your router, share the drive on the old pc and copy over the files.
    4. connect the two pcs via cat5 cable (ethernet). Assign addresses manually to both (IP:[a], SM:[a&b] then share drive/folder on old pc and copy files.
    5. download a win98 flash drivers on new, install on old and copy file to flash.
  2. youre gonna need either a IDE to usb or IDE to sata convertor
  3. Personally, I'd slave the drive into the other sustem and just copy the files over that way.

    You need the CD drivers if you want to burn to CD/DVD. Win98 still used DOS, so needs real mode drivers. Still, slaving the drive will be quicker and less problematic.
  4. they also make usb to ise cables if you dont want to open the case. or you could pick up a usb to 3.5 case and put your drive in it.
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