i disabled c1e tm2 in bios but cpu running at minimum speed i dont have speedstep in bios
it show on tmonitor
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  1. and eist i disabled
  2. Which bios is which cpu running on at what speed on what motherboard?

    What is on the monitor?
  3. e2140 sorry
  4. the program called TMONITOR
    award bios
    mb 945gzm-s2
  5. Reading this thread

    I'd say download CPU-Z and prime95, and open CPU-Z and watch the multiplier of 12, and see if it increases, or watch the mhz and see if it increases when you turn on prime95.

    Doesn't have to be prime95... maybe just memtest, or any program that requires alot of processing

    Apparently Tmonitor can be inaccurate

    Please reply with results
  6. cpuz is showing current speed
    i used prime95 tmonitor shows full speed on load
  7. Sounds like "Speedstep" IS enabled in your bios, except that it may be renamed to something else... probably "EIST".

    It's in there, somewhere, hidden behind letters.
  8. oh, nevermind, I missed the part where you said you disabled eist. I don't know... If eist is disabled and the board is still using it even so...
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