Radeon HD 5770 Egg or closed cooler?

Edit:WTF Newegg and their price changes!! A few minutes after writing this they changed the $155 egg version to $165+$7.56 shipping making it more expensive than the usually closed cooler design! Also the change is not updated on their searched yet, so it shows $155 free shipping and then when you click it, it shows $165+7.56 shipping.

I'm wanting to get a 5770 now and grab another one later, but I was looking at the cooler designs.
I'd like to get XFX because of their double lifetime warranty.
There's a ATI 5770 with an egg cooler for $155 and a closed cooler for $170.
Now I heard the V2 (egg style) cools better than the closed, but it blows hot around the case instead of out the back. I'm going to get a Mugen 2 cooler with a fan on the back and having hot air blowing through the heatsink would have a bad effect on the processor cooling. Also If I crossfire them, the fans aren't slanted so it looks like one would be blowing hot air on the back of the other one. The case is an Antec 300, It has a 140mm at the top and a 120mm on the back in line with the Mugen 2 heatsink. Am I just over thinking it and should save $ and just grab the egg design or get a closed cooler to blow the air straight out the back? BTW I'm pretty set on the case because it fits my budget.

I found 2 pictures on the net with a Mugen 2 cooler in the antec 300, so you can get an idea of the setup.

I was also wanting an opinion on what would be the best way to position the cooler. I'll only be using the one provided fan. I like pic one because it blows the hot air up which is the natural path(heat rises) and plus its the larger 140mm is on the top. Is there any drawbacks to using this setup over the other?
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    Be sure to get the Antec 300 Illusion (comes with all the fans).

    And in the 300, I think you will have more than enough airflow to just get the "Egg" cooler version.

    Either of those orientations look good. That should be an awesome cooler with how close the 120mm and 140mm are, they will be like attaches fans.
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