Am I doing this right?

I just installed the Corsair H50 for my i7 3770K, however; I have no idea if it's actually working. I downlaoded a program called CoreTemp and these are my results:
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  1. Seems ok depending on what your ambient temps are. What are the temps under load?
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    Nothing to worry about. 40c under load is fine.

    I just got home and woke up my PC. When I read your thread I checked my PC and it was 16c. After playing Blur for a bit (10min?) I just left and checked this thread/my temps again. Down to 14c. (??? Probably an issue with my temp sensors.) My ambient temps are really low as its cold outside and I don't use heat. I LOVE cold. It's probably 24c or less in my room right now. Your temps only went up ~10c so nothing to worry about. It looks fine.
  3. Thanks for the information! What would be a temperature to be worried about? New to this PC stuff!
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  5. 68c, I think. Your temps would have to nearly double before you should worry.
  6. Sorry, one last question. How do you actually read Core temp, core 1, 2, 3,4. How do i know the actual temperature?
  7. They are all core temps. Your CPU has four cores, so each one gets its own temp. Only worry if one is way more then the other.

    Looking at your load temps there is a pretty big difference between core 1 and 2. Not sure how normal that is. I wouldn't worry about it however.
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