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Downsides of Onboard Video with Dedicated GPU?

I'm planning on building a gaming rig with moderate CPU overclocking (phenom ii X4 955 BE), and I had settled on the ASRock 870 extreme3 which has all the specs Im looking for (usb 3, sata 3, mosfet heatsink, 8 pin CPU, dual pci-e 2.0 at 8x/8x).

But i was also considering the gigabyte 890 GX (for about $10 more with combos on new egg) which has basically all the same features and also has onboard video.

I do plan on using a discrete graphics card but Ive read somewhere (cant find the source) that onboard graphics, even when not in use, still affect the system's performance.

The post I read was on toms and had something to do with the MOBO reserving memory for the onboard GPU even when using a discrete card.

Basically Id rather go with the 890 GX but id like to know if there are going to be any downsides due to the MOBO having onboard graphics.

Thanks in advance.
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    Not a problem. Just go into the BIOS and disable onboard graphics after you have installed the discrete graphics card.

    After that, no downsides.

    It's what I do with all my systems. I like to have boards with onboard graphics just in case things go bad with discrete graphics.

    Cheerz, :sol:
  2. will it not be disabled automatic when playing games then switch back? ot is optimus needed there..
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  4. Thanks for the help.
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