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I need a graphics driver for Dell Inspiron 1100 running Vista Basic
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  1. Look for it on Dell's site and download it.
  2. jedimasterben said:
    Look for it on Dell's site and download it.

    Been there,done that.No supporting driver on Dell downloads for my laptop ,runnning Vista.Only for XP.
  3. Thanks, but Intel dosen't have one either.I should have listed more info in my original post. I have tried all of the obvious places, Dell, Intel,Cnet,etc.... And yes, even Driver Detective.( Majior Mistake) I should have done a little more research on compatiblity first. Its an older Dell Inspiron 1100 that for some unknown reason won't read all CDs or DVDs. The only OS disks that it will read is 1.Vista Home Basic,2.Windows 7 Ultimate. Which it is no compatible with at all. I have the original Dell restore CD of XP Pro,but it dos not reconize it.The error message says"Windows does not reconize the format." So that pretty much somes it up,so if anybody has any ideas on how to get it read the restore CD, I would rather have XP anyway, I would be eternally grateful.
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