Worth swapping out an ocz agility3 for a crucial m4?

Hey guys,

Just purchased a Crucial M4 128GB today as part of a deal so that I can place an SSD in my four year old laptop in hopes of increasing its speed for university.

I currently have an OCZ agility3 128GB inside of my gaming PC at the moment and i'm wondering whether it would be worth swapping my agilty 3 for the crucial M4 and then placing my agility3 into the laptop. My laptop is definitely not SATA III.

Do you think it would be worth while doing this? I've seen the reviews and benchmarks of the m4 compared to the agility 3 and on paper it definitely seems more reliable and faster since the sandforce controller is pretty dire with uncompressed data.

All i will be using my laptop for is Office based programs and whatever my university studies calls for me to use.

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  1. Well they are both quite fast drives as they both utilize SataIII. You would probably benefit form doing what you suggest, using the Agility3 in the laptop and the m4 in your desktop, but i would say that more than that it comes to what is easier to do, and in this case i'm betting that just installing the M4 to the laptop is much easier than hassling with copying all the stuff between the drives. Also gaming pc's usually don't care much about data integrity and errors ( as you can just reinstall ) where as your school work usually will cost you at least a lot of time if you lose it, and at worst money having to at worst retake courses and not graduate in time etc.

    So I would recommend m4 to the laptop and rock on :)
  2. Yeah, installing the M4 into the laptop would be much easier as my PC weighs a ton and I got no room to takes the panels off where it is so would be huge amount of effort to swap them :)

    Cheers mate
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