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I got a new Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 650W power supply.
It came with a BS 1363 plug, I don't know why, I bought it locally and we use SABS 164 in South Africa.

The power supply's AC input is rated 110 ~ 115V / 220 ~ 230V, 10A@115Vac / 6.3A@230Vac.
The cable it came with is rated 5A, 250V.
The cable I'm currently using is 10A, 250V.

I'm pretty clueless about power, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question, but... will this cause any problems or anomalies?
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  1. What you're doing is very good. You have a PSU that at MAX may pull up to 6.3 A on the 240 VAC supply, and you are using a cord capable of more than that. The original cord, besides having the wrong plug on the end, was not actually suited for over 5 A although it is likely that MOST of the the your PSU will not use the full 6.3 A. You will not cause any problems doing this.
  2. ^ +1 The higher Amperage rated power cord is higher quality part.
    The 5A cord might have gotten warm during a full power gaming session where the 10A cord would have been cooler because of the thicker gauge wire used.
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