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Mixing Memory Sticks w Different Timings


I have a question concerning mixing timings on different sticks. I have an ASUS AM3 MOBO w AMD 955 Black running 2x2GB of Corsair XMS3 8-8-8-24 memory.

- Is it OK to add another 2x2GB sticks of Corsair XMS3 memory even if the timing is different 9-9-9-24?
- Is it a good idea?
- Are there possible issues/problems?

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  1. NO, not a good idea, NEVER a good idea, first rule of thumb with RAM is always, always have the same timing. It may "work" but I guarantee you will have problems down the road.

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    Get another set of 2x2GB of Corsair XMS3 8-8-8-24 memory and spare yourself a headache. At best the 'mix' will be the worst of each, and the BIOS my just as easily 'shut down' the RAM unless you're lucky enough to find BIOS settings that can accommodate the two sets.
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    Differences in memory timing specifications are not the only issue. You also need to ensure that all of the memory modules have the same operating voltage spec.
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