Canadian $1600 gaming PC, need help with details

Hi everyone, I'm looking to make myself an approximately $1600 (CAD) gaming computer. The last one I built for myself was all the way back during Winter break of Grade 12; since I'm finally graduating from uni, I figured I'd treat myself to a new PC! I'm really out of date with current tech so I've read up on all the new stuff on this website and others but I'm no expert. Since I'm Canadian and want a safe, easy build I've decided to go with and their $50 full assembly / testing of the system. This means I'm picking components based off their items.

For my PC I want something that is pretty fast yet not over the top expensive. I also want something that I can easily upgrade in the next few years, for example adding another graphics card in Crossfire, 6 gigs more ram or overclocking. I'm not really comfortable with overclocking but I would like to have the option if I choose to try it.


BUDGET RANGE: $1500-1700 CAD before rebates / tax / shipping

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Photoshop, a little Video editing, general web-surfing / movies / etc

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: pretty much everything outside the tower I already have (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers)



PARTS PREFERENCES: (note all prices are in Canadian dollars)

Processor (CPU):
Intel Core i7 930 Quad Core Processor LGA1366 2.8GHZ 8MB L3 Cache 130W 45NM Retail Box ($331.46)

Video Cards: Radeon HD 5850 725MHZ 1GB GDDR5 4.0GHZ PCI-E 2XDVI HDMI Display Port ($344.99)

Motherboard: ASUS P6T SE X58 ATX LGA1366 DDR3 LGA1366 3PCI-E16 PCI-E1 2PCI CrossFire SATA2 Motherboard ($229.99)

DDR3 Memory (RAM): G.SKILL F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ 6GB DDR3 3X2GB DDR3-1600 CL 9-9-9-24 Triple Channel Memory Kit ($194.99)

Computer Case: Antec Nine Hundred Mid Tower Gamer Case 900 ATX 9 Drive Bay No PS Top USB2.0 1394 Audio ($116.16)

Power Supply: Antec Earthwatts 650W Power Supply ATX12V V2.2 EPS12V Active PFC 80PLUS 120MM Fan ($92.75)

CPU Cooling: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 LGA1366 LGA775 LGA1156 120MM ($29.36)

Hard Drives: Western Digital Caviar Blue SE16 640GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM ($72.99)

OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Total price according to the NCIX PC builder (including $50 build fee and DVD drive): $1,627.00 CAD

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe in the future

CROSSFIRE: Maybe in the future


Those are the components I've selected right now. I'm pretty set on buying the i7 930 and the ATI 5850 from all the reviews I've read online, otherwise I'm quite flexible on suggestions and alternatives for the other components. Thanks for your help!
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  1. We can easily save you $300CA on that build and give you better balance.

    Consider an AMD Black Quad 890+955+1600/CAS7 solution ...

    We can find you much better HDDs (faster/cheaper/better)

    The rest looks pretty good

    = Al =
  2. See if they have Samsung F3 or Seagate 7200.12 500GB or 1TB models. They are newer, faster HDDs.

    You could save money with an antec 200, 300 or 600 instead of the 900. Dust filters on a 300 vs no dust filters on a 900 is becoming an annoyance for me. My 900 is much dustier inside.
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    They do have Samsung F3s as dndhatcher was saying:
    Samsung F3 1TB Hard Drive - 99.99

    Personally for cases I like the new Cooler Master 690II Advance - 99.99

    Use NCIX's price match feature to save a few dollars with this site:
  4. Thanks for your help everyone!
  5. Hmmm the NCIX PC builder doesn't seem to let you price match and their prices on the build list are higher than listed on the site. Has anyone used this service before / have any tips?
  6. What about the Cooler Master HAF 922?
  7. Don't use their PC build site, just add the products to your cart on their normal site. Then look at your cart and near the bottom it will say this:

    PC Assembly and Testing with 1 Year Limited NCIX System Warranty (PRE-CONFIG WIN. OS If Purchased) [ ]

    Check mark it and press update cart. Now you can price match and still have them configure your build with some warranty.
  8. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Rokez ^.^
  9. Figured I'd update you guys on my final build!

    Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced ATX Mid Tower Case Black
    Antec Earthwatts 650W Power Supply
    OCZ XTC Platinum DDR3-1333 6GB 3X2GB CL7-7-7-20 Triple Channel Memory
    MSI X58 PRO-E Motherboard
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB
    Powercolor PCS+ Radeon HD 5850
    Intel Core i7 930
    Coolermaster Hyper 212
    windows 7, dvd drive, etc

    After's Easter sale and Pricematching most of the components, the grand total comes out to about $1380! Thanks again for your suggestions and help.
  10. No problem. Looks like you saved yourself quite a bit of change from your original build anyways. :)
  11. Should be a solid system.
  12. Nice balance ... "Good-to-Go!".


    = Al =
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