Agp video card to a USB port

I have a ati all-in-wonder 128mb agp video card that I used on a computer to monitor several tv channels at once. That computer died as did the era of agp slots. The card is a killer ! My question is: How can I find an external adapter which would allow me to plug the agp card into and send the signal to a USB connection ? I know that there are adapters for internal hard drives to usb.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Look for an AGP to PCI adapter. Never tried any of them though, and I'm not sure if they work 100%.
  2. Thanks for the tip ... I'll check it out !
  3. AGP to PCI will severely bottleneck the card. It will most likely cut the performance in half.
  4. Surely agp to pcie?
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