Laptop screen dead. Using CRT monitor instead. Won't show boot process

Title is descriptive. Is this the correct forum? If not, simply point me to the correct one.

My laptop screen is cracked (long story.) I'm using a 1280x1024 monitor from a few years ago in place of the dead screen.

Right now, I'm ignorant as to the progress of the computer booting. How can I get the laptop to recognize the monitor from the get-go? I'll gladly remove the old LCD, hit it with a hammer, etc.

This is temporary, within the month I should have a new computer--but until then, I'd like to not have to guess on what option I'm choosing if the computer is about to run a chkdsk, or is asking if I want to go into safe mode after a spontaneous reboot.
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  1. ...No one?
  2. Does your monitor have a quick (function) key to switch to external display? I doubt it would help, but worth a try I suppose.
  3. Nope--but the monitor still displays, it just starts as soon as I need to enter my password.

    I'd like to know if it's needing my input, etc., so I want it to display from the time I hit the power button on my laptop.
  4. About the cracked laptop screen, is nothing visible anymore on it, or does the backlight just no longer work.
  5. It's cracked. As in, the part that displays? Yeah, that's broken.

    There is absolutely no way in the world this screen will display anything that I can understand.
  6. Well, all I meant was if the backlight broke yet the LCD still partially works, you can hold it in the light (or shine a flashlight in at an angle) and faintly see what it is displaying. If the entire LCD is finished, then this won't help.
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