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A Good Overclock?

I have overclcoked my i5-3570k to 4.6 GHz using a Hyper 212 plus in push/pull. When running a CPU stress test, the hottest core is 85 degrees, the coldest is 75 degrees. Idle temps are 40 degrees. Is this a solid overclock? Should I push for more? Too high temps? Any opinions are welcome, thank you in advance,
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  1. As long asd your i5-3570K doesn't go over 90 degrees then you should be fine. But I'd underclock a bit as your CPU is reading 85 degrees and it's safer than to be sorry. When the CPU is at a high temperature it's slowly reducing the lifetime. Underclock your CPU to about 4.2GHz , anything higher isn't worth it to be honest.
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    I think that is as far as you should go since you are hitting 85. I disagree with ihsaan, the performance increase is almost linear so the higher the better, there is no "best" speed. Also the higher the temp the lower the lifespan regardless, as long as you are below safe temps you are fine. Lifespan isn't even a concern since it'll still last 5+ years. Btw underclock does not mean lower the clock.
  3. Keep It Under 90c Buddy lol that is a Good Overclock tough!! If you wanna Go Higher on your Overclock better get a Water Cooling :)) keep in Mind Ivy Bridge Max Cpu Temps is 105c I advise u keep it Under 90c
  4. Ok then guys, Thank you very much for the advise.
    I decided to bring the processor down to 4.4 Ghz and Temps reach 80 degrees on the hottest core, I wanted to be more on the safe side than 90 degrees, so yeah.
    Thanks again, Bimde
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