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hello.. I am new in this..
I just want to buy a new graphics card. I am looking for the ATI radeon HD 4850 but official site says it requires 75W 6pin connector. But I don't have it in my power supply .. What do I do?
I have money for the graphics card only. In that money I can't upgrade power supply.
Please give me suggestion.
What should I do for Radeon HD 4850?
Is there necessity to change the power supply for this Graphics card?
If 4850 doesn't come then suggest me a good graphics card.

I have 450W power supply.(may be xtech)

my system spec are:
AMD Phenom 2 x4 925 processor
MSI 785g-e53 motherboard
2x2 kingston RAM (1333MHz)
500 GB hard drive
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  1. There's an adapter that comes with the video card. You can get a HD 5750 or 4770 for less power consumption.
  2. Good suggestion by mosox.. Get an HD 5770.. Its a newer card with directx 11, less power hungry and runs cooler & quieter also.. And you can get a molex to 6 pin adapter easily (if it doesn't already comes with the graphics card)
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