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If i were to add an SSD to my system and wanted to put my OS on there, how would i go about doing that? installation is the easy part. once installed, how do i move win 7 over to the SSD? or is it a total wipe from the HD and a compelete reinstall on the SSD?

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  1. total wipe
    get a mushkin enhanced chronos too
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    Some people will advise you to clone your HDD to the SSD.

    I am not one of them.

    A fresh install of the OS is always recommended, and many features of the SSD will be enabled/disabled when it recongizes the SSD (i.e. drive alignment, defrag off, many others).

    If you have an OS install on your HDD, unplug it before the OS install, and after complete, then plug the HDD back in.

    Then move all your "Libraries" up to the root of the HDD (i.e. My Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, Videos, and any Gaming folders/files to from C:User\My Docs to D:My Docs, etc.). Either drag and drop, or right click on the folder and tell it the new location.

    Also move the User folder folders (Contact, Favorites) from the HDD to the SSD (i.e. D:User\Contacts to C:User\Contacts). This will save most of "your" info.

    Then you can delete everything else on the hard drive.

    Here are some great tips for SSDs:

    The SSD Review: The SSD Optimization Guide... Lots of other things there, like a Windows 7 Optimization Guide, too.

    OCZ Blog: SSD Tips and Tweaks

  3. I posted my experience on doing what you trying to do... may be of interest

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