Quadro FX 580 for htpc

Quadro FX 580 for video playback
HD 4670

which would have a greater performance on BR, HD, divx. m2ts , etc...

Any suggestions would be helpfull was leaning towards a HD 4670 due to price (and possibilty of mild gaming)
the gt 240 didnt seem like a good 'buy'
have a chance to pick a FX 580 up for 50-60$ and would like to keep electricity consumption low.

main use of pc now is video playback to a 720p tv. and browsing.

CPU will be an athlon II x2 250

Thank you.
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  1. I would get the HD 4670. I know the Quadro FX 580 is a budget "Professional" graphics card, but that's about it. The HD 4670 has a built-in sound chip which allows audio over HDMI without any pass-thru cables.
  2. Thanks for the response jaguarskx
    Ive moved away from the quadro fx 580
    now deciding between hd 5450 and the gt 220

    after reading a few post by a die hard htpc user. he has shine some light on the stablity and features the gt 220 has.. in respect to the hd 5450. Mainly decoding video. I know the prior series of cards AMD and nvida had AMD always took the cake on decoding and deinterlacing. I guess now the tides have changed slightly. Picked up a slightly used gt 220 for 58$ shipped. Might also pick up a hd 5450 just to compare the two.

    main benefit i see from the hd 5450 is 5-15$ cheaper and the fanless form.
  3. Will suite my needs better. However i do recommen the hd 4670 for anyone who will be doing any gaming. ebay has them used from 45-65
  4. My only question is could CPU and software level the hd 5450 decoding shortcomings?
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