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I'm using a Corsair Graphite series 600T. The only place I can place the radiator is at the top of the case. I can only put in one set of fans either pushing air into the case from the top or pulling air out of the top. Hot air naturally rises so i think i should have the fans pull air through the radiator but isn't a push configuration better than pull? If i push air through the radiator from the top how will this affect my airflow?
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  1. Try to add 2 more fans for push and pull.

    make it blow outside your case, if it blows inside that's bad airflow.
  2. I can't put in another set for push pull. The second set of fans will block the RAM sticks. That's why i was asking if i should have it pull air out or push air in. Those are the only configurations that are possible unless i consider modding the case which i don't want to do
  3. Push out 100%
  4. Like I said before, I can only pull out or push in. I can't put the radiator in the top compartment because there are no grommet holes for the tubing. I can only put fans in the top compartment. So do I have fans set up to pull air out or push air in?
  5. Pull air out then, just make the air go out.
  6. Okay thank you
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    Pull is better IMO, but not for any performance reason.
    Dust in the air is typically stopped by the radiator, if your running in pull that means it builds up on bare radiator rather than under a fan. Easier to clean later.

    Also chances are a pull config is how the rad mounts to the case anyway.
  8. It is how it is meant to be mounted on the 600T. I just use to think that push was better. Thank you very much!
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