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I am thinking of replacing my CPU cooler to the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. I like the look of the line method using the weight of the heat sink to spread the paste out as found on the tutorial on this forum. I normally use pre pasted coolers so I am a little nervous about putting the right amount of paste on. I just wondered what paste method most people use with this cooler.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. I always go with a pea sized right in the middle. I used that for all my builds and I've used it for the hyper 212 too. Just to add, the hyper 212 is the best entry aftermarket cooler IMO, good choice.
  2. I use a pea sized blob in the centre and micro dots 4-5mm inside each corner , so far it has worked well with over 150 builds . When replacing stock heat sinks or re doing the over applied paste on laptops I have always gotten lower temps .
    Just make sure you do not use to much paste , that's the biggest mistake made , if your temps are higher after replacing heat sink to much paste is probably why .
  3. Yeah you could do zig zags (don't lol) just don't use too much or too little, that's the golden rule.
  4. Thanks all for the advice

    When it says pea sized it seems like a lot of paste, I read somewhere that it is more accurately the size of a BB pellet (If anyone remembers what they look like) or does this seem too little.

    The micro dots in the corner idea sounds good also

  5. Pea size has always been good for me so IDK about bb size. Micro dots will be good too.
  6. Pea size
  7. Thanks again

    I will give it a try when I get the new cooler during the week
  8. I am hopefully going to stick my new cooler on tomorrow using the paste method recommended. Just to double check, is it OK to use the weight of the heat sink to spread the paste out. I would rather do this than trying to spread the paste out evenly by hand.

    Thanks for any advice
  9. I personally use a card and spread a small layer of the thermal paste over the heatsink the same size of the contact to the CPU. So there is a small even film of thermal paste on it that is thinner than a piece of paper. Has worked well for me so far, but is time consuming and requires a steady hand. The level of precision I try to do this would be frustrating for most people though I imagine.
  10. Don't doubt you for what you say but I have never noticed an increase in temps for using the spread method personally. It actually sounds quite logical and I can see easily happening. I just haven't observed it from my experience, the temps just remained the same for me.

    I think next time though I might do a bunch of tests to see if there is as drastic of a difference if I remember it sounds like an interesting experiment with all the thermal paste application methods.
  11. I hear about the pea-sized method a lot, but there are different kinds of peas out there. The two kinds I am most familar with are frozen peas or canned peas. Also there are dried peas. What kind of peas are we talking about when the term "pea-sized" is used?

    I will be using either the pea-sized or line method for my i7-3770k / Hyper evo 212 in the next few days (with the included thermal paste) and want to make sure since from the videos out there, it is dificult to tell. Are there are good pictures?

    Also, the paste that comes with the 212 Evo, is that conductive like the Arctic Silver 5?
  12. If you are worried about doing it wrong or using the wrong application method you can relax a little. When I was building my PC (also with the Hyper 212 Evo) I went back and fourth about using the pea method or spreading. I ended up spreading but this YouTube video shows pretty clearly that regardless of how you apply it, as long as you use the appropriate amount you should be ok:

    Even better, here is a Newegg video showing Paul installing Hyper 212 Evo, how much thermal paste to use, and he personally uses the spreading method but says feel free to disagree. I used this video as a guide for me so I knew how much paste to use, and he didn't stear me wrong because my i5-3570K stays nice and cool. Thermal paste is applyed around 17:45:
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