Help with PSU install

i am a noob at installing psus and components in2 computer- first time doing this
i have watched a couple of tutorials but still confused over 1 part
upgrading psu- do i need an antistatic wrist strap or an electrical screwdriver?
thank you
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  1. a wrist strap is nice but not necessary if you take precautions
    just ground yourself, touch a peace of metal and don't stand on a carpet
  2. Installing a PSU is one of the easier things to do to a PC. Just line up the screw holes and screw it in. The power wires themselves are very simple because only the right connector will fit a socket. You don't need a ground strap. I've built over a dozen PC's without a ground strap and wearing socks. As long as you're in contact with the case you should be ok. Having said that, a ground strap is all of $5 and that's some pretty cheap insurance in my book. :sol:
  3. If you really are worried, do it on a humid day, minimize static shock. But other than that, unless you are not Thor himself, you're fine.
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