A build comparable to this for less?

Could I build a computer comparable to this for less?

It will be mainly used for work, no gaming, just for running programs.

Thank you!
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    no-sirreee ... can't *Dooo* any better than THAT !

    Don't miss that bargain count-down !!! Only minutes left !! (before that box is uselessly obsolete).

    = Al =
  2. I can do a hell of a lot better than that for slightly more, but i cant do cheaper, mostly because that thing is all older low end tech, G33 chipset, E5300, and integrated graphics, hard to get cheaper than that but i would never buy a system with that in it even if it was dirt cheap.
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  4. Please save up ($550) ... We can build you a REAL rig ... one that is snappy and will LAST LONG TIME, JOE !!

    = Al =
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