Backing up my HD before Upgrading Hardware ?

Hi Im getting ready to change out my system with a New Motherboard, CPU and Memory and I just want to
ask a couple of questions concerning what steps I need to take before I change out the Hardware. I picked up
a 2 TB WD external and have it hooked up to my system as I type this. So far I have created a system repair disc
and at the point of starting a backup using windows backup utility wich also tells me it will create a system Image
during the process. So should I just let windows do its thing and decide what files to backup or would you pick and choose
to save time. I have about 700 GBs of files on the HD and plan to wipe it clean for a fresh install of 7 after the hardware change.

One thing that I should include is I plan on hooking the WD drive up to my Router and using it for Network drive after I have finished
backing up my system drive. Will using the WD drive as a backup drive NOW effect my ability to use it for Media storage later on my Home network
so that other devices can stream from it. Im just wondering if windows might effect that by formatting it as a backup drive.

Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions on things I need to do prior to upgrading my systems hardware.
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  1. While all the backing-up your are doing is GREAT (!), do you realize that with all the hardware changed you are about to do, you will need to re-install Windows?

    Too many changed violates the EULA.

    But, you should be able to reinstall from a Windows install disk, and if you have any "validating" problems once installed, you can just call the 1-800 number to get a "new" code.

    A fresh install should be done due to all the different "drivers" you will have for the hardware, and you might get "errors" when loading the previous version when it loads drivers for hardware that is not there.

    I realize these are real generic and "in-a-nutshell" explainations.

    Are you sure you can plug the external drive into your router? I know some routers have USB ports, but aren't they meant for printers?
  2. I think I mentioned that Im going to do a Fresh install of 7, Ive changed OS many times over the years but have rarely backed up anything. I have almost all my Apps in my Downloads folder so reinstalling those wont be an issue. My Belkin N+ has USB support for network storage so I was hoping to throw my media files on it and just access those from various Media players I have scattered around the house, like Boxee Box and some BD players . I hope to be able to send files over my LAN to the WD drive and keep my system drive as free from clutter as possible. A fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit will be my first priority if my new Motherboard first post goes well.

    The WD drive Im using is the WD Elements 2 TB and it seems to be plug and play with no crapware. My PC recognized and installed device drivers within seconds and Im now trying to decide on doing a complete backup letting Windows decide what files to backup,,,, or copying over just my Downloads, Documents and Media files. With several hundred GBs Im guessing this might take awhile and just wanted advice before I miss something that I might need later.
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