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I have recently built an i7 3770K rig overclocked @ 4.5ghz (100*45) on auto volts goes from 1.205 - 1.289 volts . My cooling unit is Cooler Master seidon 120M .. My Idle temp is 29 - 39 but usually sits mid 30s,.. and my Max Burnin test on 4 cores 100% max was 69 deg. but thats jsut testing the processor on 100%... then i tried to keep the 100% test on processor then added 50% video and 50% mem and hardisk test ... the processor temp went till 83 Deg ... is this normal ? good ? bad ?

thanks for the input guys :)
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  1. Sounds like you have an issue with case airflow to me, the hot air from the graphics card is being put through the radiator, meaning it cant dump heat as well.
    Try running with the side panel off, if it makes a significant difference then you know you have an airflow issue.
  2. Oh Btw I have 4 cooler master hi rev fans .. 1 for Rad in , 1 for Exhaust Just infront of the gPU fan installed on the side panel Vent , and 1 infront of my Hardisk bay sucking air from outside via the fron t air bents, and and the other one is also installed via the front air vents aimed at the Memory.. and I have a cooler master Case .. the thing got holes everywhere ... is it my paste ? or is it my over clocking ? If i play Call of duty on max settings .. its on 40 and spikes to 60 on 2 cores but quickly goes back to 40 ...
  3. btw thanks for the quick reply :) im running core temp 1.0 RC4 and it says that the Tj. max for my processor is 105 deg. what does that mean ?
  4. So the only exhaust on the case is the side panel fan? That could be why, you want the side panel fan to intake air and the rear fan (the radiator one) to be exhausting. If you have any fans the top of the case you want them exhausting as well.

    EDIT: The TjMax is the maximum temperature the CPU will go to before it starts throttling, lowering its performance to avoid burning out.
  5. Cool Ill get the on aimed at the mem do a exhaust duty :) thanks bro ... btw I have my mem corsair 24gb (8 x 3) 1600 OC'd @ 1866 ... could this be contributing some of the heat aswell ?? and while im at it ... is there really much difference from 1600 and 1866 ??
  6. RAM's heat output is pretty negligible, so no not really.
    The performance difference between 1600 and 1866Mhz is also fairly negligible, not worth the price increase, but since you overclocked to that speed rather than bought it, you might as well enjoy the slightly better performance.
  7. and lastly when you do a burn test using Burn in Test by Passmark,.. do you go with the standard all system test with everything on 50% or the Temp CPU test that only the CPU @ 100% ? and what temp should i be aiming at ? for an i7 Processor knowing my TJ max is 105 ? what would be the ideal Max load temp ?
  8. Oh i just checked my RAD fan is not always on ... it just kicks in when temp reach 50 - 60 ... shoudl i set it on always on ?
  9. I use Prime95 myself, don't really know what settings to use in Passmark.

    Max temps are subjective, I personally don't let my components above 70c, while others are fine with 90c when running a heavy overclock. Its kind of a personal thing.

    EDIT: Yes you want that fan running all the time.
  10. oh man your awesome thnaks will chekc on that now ... :)
  11. I have added another fan on exhaust duty ... and i have changed my overclock values to get 4.4 ... but it seems it made my temp higher :( its now 32 - 42 ( before it was 28 - 39 idle... i have also downloaded prime 95 and did the torture test default settings ... i maxed out on 82 .... :(
  12. Just keep tweaking the fan layout until you find what is best for your system. Standard fan configs has front to back airflow, which has the front, side and bottom (if applicable) intaking air, with the rear and top exhausting.
  13. This seemed to work... I down clocked to 4.4Ghz and my mem is still 1866 ... my Rad fan changed it back to intake, made the 2 front fans intake and the 2 side fans exhaust .... it got me 29 idle steady 32 idle and max 69 on max load ..

    But i did some WEI testing and benchmarking from Performance Test(tm) from 4.5, 4.4 and 4.3 man there is almost no noticable difference just really few points down .. 3 or 5 i think.. ... so im keeping my cpu @ 4.3 im choosing safety since the reports are almost identical anyway honestly its only when i dropped my clock to 3.9 that i saw some big difference on my test results lolz ... Now my CPU sits happy @ 61 Deg. on Prime 95 torture Test :) .... I also made a real time stress test of what i would usually be doing ... I have opened Call of Duty black ops on my Monitor 1, and Autocad 2013 on my monitor 2, while i got facebook and Brazzer running on the background :) ... and it only took 40% of core 0 , 20 % of Core 3 and 1 and 2 % for Core 1 and 2,.. Lolz so in reality i dont see the need for the additional .2Ghz It just doesnt justify having 20Deg of heat .. for a really unnoticeable increase of performance ( well based on Prime 95, Bench Mark Software and my actual work load )

    Bro Thanks for the help man, this forum is awesome !
  14. The WEI isnt exactly a good indicator of performance, other benchmarks like 3dMark 11 are a better test.

    I found myself in the same situation, I'v got a ridiculous amount of cooling on my CPU, but I dont need to push it beyond 4.3Ghz so I dont.
  15. Thanks ill check it out 3d mark 11 ... lolz maybe tom. ill crank the clock up again and gradually go to 4.3... :) i have read on some forum they said that 20 Deg below Tjmax is good .. but hmm i think its way too risky lolz i'll have it sit on 4.3 for now then maybe a year or so ill kick it to 4.5 so that it look current LOLZ ahahahaha thanks for the tips and advice bro :)
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