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Auto bios replaced and continuous 'beep'

Hi, I have just started experiencing auto resetting of the bios, has happened twice in two weeks.
In addition, and for some time now, on startup, I get the usual 'post' beep but also a continuous beep, which most often goes away but has also recently, occaisionally continues non stop.
The computer boots OK and visuals are fine.
I have reseated the video card and changed the power supply [to video card] lead positions on the PSU.
I have had the PSU tested [out of the case], by the retailer...all green lights.. but the problem still continues.
Now that the bios has had to auto reinstall, I beginning tothink this is a Mobo problem. and would greatly appreciate any thoughts please.
SYSTEM: GA-MA790FXT-UD5P rev 1.0 board
PhenomX4 955 CPU
4gb 2X2 G Skill Ram
Asus 4890 video card
850w TT Toughpower PSU
2 X WD HDDs in RAID 0
Noctua CPU cooler
3 X Noctua120mm case fans
Lian Li full tower case
Thanks Greg
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    Check out this site here for info on what the beeps could mean.
  2. T_T said:
    Check out this site here for info on what the beeps could mean.

    Thanks T_T for taking the time to reply.
    As I have the motherboard manual, I was aware the continuous beep could mean a problem with: PSU; Vid card: motherboard, and possibly others.
    Having almost completely rebuilt the computer, borrowing parts from my other computer, and by reading other forums, I narrowed it down to a mobo problem.
    Turned out to be about the simplest of probs...CMOS battery losing power...I have replaced it just an hour ago and this reply is written on the problem child, booting first off, no beeps other than single POST beep.
    That website you referred me to is very detailed and would be really helpful where somone doesn't have their again many thanks.
    Regards Greg. :wahoo:
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