Good Mobo?

I just put my rig together without my CPU/RAM/HDD/DVD Drive. Is it possible to know if all my parts are fine even without a boot? All my fans are running great :lol:, and my mobo status light is on... Just curious... :)

My Rig:
Cooler Master 430 Elite
MSI 870-G45
AMD Athlon II x3 445 (Not installed)
4GB G-Skill Rip Jaw Series 1600 (Not Installed)
MSI GTX 460 1GB (Cyclone)
500 Watt Builder Series Corsair PSU
2 HDD's 1TB (Not Installed)
64GB SSD (Not Installed)
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    No, there is no way of really knowing if all the components are fine outside of the fans with no boot (unless testing in a different system first) to my knowledge. You need to complete the boot process to truly verify all things are working correctly.
  2. Well it was worth a try :).
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  4. Sorry it took so long :)
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