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my computer had 2x1gb pc2-4200 sticks running. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2, and I read on several sites that the maximum amount of RAM it can hold is 8gb. I got a 4gb pc2-5300 stick and it works fine by itself, but when i tried putting it in with one of the 1gb sticks that was originally in there, it would fail to boot up and just crash and keep restarting and beeping..not fun.
I figured this was because they were two different kinds of RAM (4200 and 5300). Then i got another 2gb stick that was pc2-5300, put it in along with the 4gb stick and the same thing happened. I would get a black screen with a loading bar that says "loading system files" or something like that. The 2gb stick works with one of the 1gb stick, but not with the 4gb. The 4gb only works by itself.

Running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, AMD athlon 64 X2 dual core 4400+ 2.30ghz. i know that the ram i got is compatible with my motherboard. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Check the voltages specified by the producers of all that RAM, if there's big differences it won't work.
  2. i checked the voltages on the 4gb and the 2gb and they are both 1.8v. i looked on CPU-Z and there are 3 speeds listed.
    it shows 200mhz, 266mhz and 333mhz for the 2gb, and 200mhz, 266mhz and 400mhz for the 4gb. could it be the different speeds that is not working?
  3. Hard to say, tried both slots for the 4GB one?
  4. yes i tried both slots with the 4gb and 2gb. i am going to try putting in another 4gb of the same exact kind and see if it works.
  5. so basically because of the processor i have, i absolutely HAVE to match the ram right. So if I get another 4gb stick that is exactly the same it will work...if im understanding everything correclty. and thanks for all that info.
  6. ok thanks for all the help
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