Which temp is right?

I ran Prime95 with Cool Temp and AI Suite to check the temp of my Phenom II X4 955 B.E., (C3, stock heatsink, arctic silver 5 thermal grease).

The difference in temp between Cool Temp and AI is up to about ten degrees C! Cool Temp showed the temp under 100% load at 60C, and AI showed 49C. But at idle, or at typical load the temp difference is give or take two or three degrees (sometimes CoolTemp is higher by a few, sometimes AI is higher by a few - but always around 41 idle)

This is my first build, so if there's a simple explanation for the difference I apologize for my ignorance. I'd just like to accurately gauge the stability of my system, and it's confusing me when AI and CoolTemp are telling me two totally different things.

Thanks in advance for clarification!
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  1. Try downloading speedfan 4.40...it is quite accurate
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