First Watercool build, Few Questions

Ok, so have finally got my new 600T build up and running, first attempt at water cooling. Seems like all is well so far, but have a couple of questions.

First off, I'm using a XSPC D5 Dual Bay Res and XSPC Raystorm CPU block. For radiators I'm running one Phobya 200 Extreme, one Alphacool ST30 240mm up top, and one Alphacool ST30 120mm at the back. Have the front Bitfenix 200mm fan as intake, the two AP-45's up top in-taking air through the 240 rad, and a fan exhausting air through the 120 in the back.

For Motherboard I'm running the ASUS Maximus V Formula, it is also being cooled in my loop. As of now I'm just cooling the CPU and Motherboard, as I when I purchased my EVGA 680 Classified, I hadn't realized the lack of waterblocks for it, and the EVGA Hydrocopper block is next to impossible to get a hold of it seems. Not a huge deal, as the cooler on the Classified seems to work just fine, and runs much cooler/quieter than my old GTX 470. Processor is the i3770k.

Now onto my questions, how can I be absolutely sure I've bled all the air out of my loop? I spent two nights straight tipping and turning my case every which direction, trying my best to bleed the loop. The D5 is now running near silent even on setting 5, and my distilled water is staying at a constant level in the res, which leads me to believe I've bled most of the air out?

Also, I'm curious if the temps I'm getting are pretty standard, or if there's room for improvement? I'm still running stock speeds of 3900 (Turbo), only thing I've changed in BIOS is turning XMP on for my Corsair mem. to run at 1600. With stock speeds running Prime 95, I'm getting around 49-50C on the hottest core. Ambient temps are around 70F. The 3770k idles around 25-29 with core #1 always running the hottest. Should I be expecting better temps under load seeings as I' haven't even over-clocked it yet? I used PK-3 TIM, and used the single dot method. Perhaps I should re-seat the block and use a tad bit less TIM? Didn't think I used all that much, but a bit more than a grain of rice. Thoughts?

Anyway, just not sure what I should be expecting from this setup, as this is my first go at water cooling. I'm honestly pretty happy with everything, but would like to hear from those with more experience if there's room for improvement?

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  1. You cant really be absolutely sure, all you can do is keep tilting and rocking it around until as much is in the reservoir as possible, then filling it up.

    At idle your running ~10c Delta (Idle temp - Ambient Temp = Delta), which is pretty much where most loops are expected to run at. So nothing wrong with the idle temp.
    50c under load is a very good result, wouldn't be dissatisfied with that result. Though that will rise once you overclock.
  2. Perfect, I appreciate the reply. I was debating re-seating the cpu block, but it'll be a bit of a pain unless I removed a hose or two, which at this point is more trouble than it's worth ha! I'll wait until the first drain/flush in a few months to try again.

    I'm glad to hear everything seems normal. Thanks again!

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