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I have a p5e3 deluxe mobo....I have had it running smooth as silk since 2007. I decided I wanted more RAM since back when I built this computer ddr3 ram was like $500 for 1 gb.......... My old ram was a paired set of 512 gskill ddr3-1333 10600 with cl of 9 my new ram is also gskill ddr3-1333 10600, but it has a cl of 8.......when mixed with the other ram the computer wouldn't even start (I am a definate amatuer at the memory thing)......everything is set at auto in the bios. I took out the old ram and just had the new ram in and when I restarted it said overclocking failed...but since I wasn't overclocking I wasn't sure what to do. I switched it to manual and just left it at it's defaults and it did start, but it keeps crashing. I went back in and switched everything back to auto again and it restarted and so far is working while i type this, but I would LOVE any suggestions you may have for me......does the latency make a big difference in whether or not the ram will work for you??? I did switch my dvd rom out at the same time, but I really doubt that is the issue....I am assuming it is the ram........ do I need to tweak settings in the bios and if so....any suggestions as to what may need tweaking???
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  1. I would think that this new RAM interacts with the BIOS in a manner that may require you to update your BIOS. Yes Latency mismatches can play havoc with your system as you are now seeing. This is especially true if you are running Win 7. Rekit the machine across all DIMM slots with matched RAM that your BIOS can deal with. That is the only way to achieve stability.
  2. I actually am still running's what I know :) I have the new matched set in the appropriate slots for dual channel. I didn't even think about updating the BIOS.......but I don't want to make things worse either...ugh. So far it hasn't crashed since I switched it back to auto. a year or so ago I had it overclocked and it still ran smooth, but i since updated things and lost my overclocking skills (can't remember how to do it)......I am a little out of touch with things now. If it crashes again, I just may have to update the bios and see if that helps. The frustrating thing is I am not even running anything yet that takes a toll on the ram...... when my son starts playing his call of duty may be the real test.
  3. The first thing, Down load Memtest 86 iso. Put the ISO on a cd (Don't just copy). Boot to the cd and run memtest for 2 to 4 Hours. NOTE this should always be down when installing new memory, or changing the setting form memory. When a computer crashs do to memory errors it can write garbage to any place on the HDD or it can modify an instruction Which (RARE) can even mess up the bios.

    If the system passes Memtest then
    (1) download CPUIS CPU-Z, install and run. click the memory tab and verify your memory is running correctly.
    (2) download prime 95 and run it for a min of approx 2 Hrs.

    Do above two steps before tring an OC. When Ocing periodically run Prime 95 blend test to ensure your OC is stable.

    PS, Yes and do not intermix ram with diff speed, or diff CL ratings.
  4. thank you....I will try that
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