First timer, Dumb questions needing answered

I'm new to water cooling and need some pretty dumb questions answeredthanks iin advance.


As rock extreme 4
600watt psu
Corsair 600t

Watercooling :

Ek cool stream xt 240, on top of case ports facing down planning to cut holes for fittings, and tubes

Phobya extreme 200mm, already mounted on bottom, in push pull with both 200mm stock fans,

Swiftech mcp655 - b mounted in dual bay xspc resevoir.

Heat killer rev 3.0 lc water block,

How do I know the in and out ports on the radiators? I can tell the direction of the watervblock top is in and bottom is out.

How would I drain my loop if necessary.?

How do Ibbleed the system?

Can I run only distilled no additives for 2 days?

The 45s and 90s that aren't rotary is there a way to adjust them so they are facing the way you want?

I'm only cooling my Cpu until I can buy a gpu block.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I think you need a little more info than we can provide in this thread - going to recommend you start here
    Happy reading
  2. Oh yeah is that that thing in the top of these forums that says read first?
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    1. On ta radiator it doesn't matter which way is in or out.
    2. You should build a drain line in to make it easy. But if you dont, remove the CPU block and pull off a tube.
    3. Again, will want to build in some means of doing so easily. Watch a water-cooling guide, it should show you how.
    4. Why 2 days? But yes you should be fine, doubt algea/bacteria can build up that fast.
    4. Get rotary ones, easier. But just keep screwing them in from different orientations until it points the direction you want.
  4. Thank you man of chalk, Your the only one who has answered any of my questions.
  5. But I also agree with Friedman, you should read through that sticky, it will teach you a lot of the background knowledge needed for water cooling and point you to where you can find more advanced information.
  6. An easy answer will only help you learn from your mistakes, reading up on info will help you learn from others mistakes.

    +1 to C12Friedman's point for reading the sticky.
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