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Faulty MB cause video and sound issues?

I'm getting randomly occurring stuttering of both audio and video on my PC. Recently did a tower swap and wondering if MB damage could cause the video and audio cards to malfunction. Basically whole computer lags when this happens. Getting a loud "errrr" sound from my speakers when the lag occurs as well.

The problem is not consistent. Pops up randomly, but occurs more often during gaming.

Please Help!
Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, motherboard damage can cause issues like that.
    1. Make sure you have the most up to date drivers and firmware
    2. The audio or video problem is likely isolated to just the audio or video. Meaning, if it's a video card issue then it's likely causing the audio to make that sound when the issue occurs and vice versa. If the audio is causing the issue it's likely causing the frame rate to slow or freeze.
    3. Try installing a cheap sound card to see if that's the issue.
    4. Try installing a different video card and if you use a PCI-e video card, try the onboard video.
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