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So i'm just trying to understand Raid...If i buy 3 hard drives...say 2 SSD drives and 1 regular drive..for raid 0 would the 2 SSD drives be my primary drive for Windows/gaming/performance etc and my regular drive as a storage drive? How would the drives appear in windows? 3 drive letters or 2? Would /C be drives 1 and 2 combined? Or am i talking rubbish? Thanks!
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  1. RAID-0 takes two or more identically sized drives and combines their capacity. Data is "striped" in chunks of a certain size (usually 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, 64KB or 128K) so that approximately half of the data is written to one hard drive and half of the data is written to the other hard drive. This results in significant read and write throughput improvements when a large file is read from or written to as it has the benefit of both hard drives.

    When any number of hard drives are in RAID (any raid format) they appear as a single disk to the operating system
  2. Ok thanks..so then if drives 1 and 2 are in raid 0 then that will be drive /c and my 3rd drive could be drive /d.
  3. You can assign them in any order that you like. If you have your first two drives in Raid-0 they will most likely show up to Windows as disk-0 while your third drive will show up as disk-1. However, if you install Windows on disk-1 that will become the C drive and your disk-0 RAID will most likely become D. Keep in mind that the drive letter of every drive except C is easily remappable
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