This SSD tweak guide still good to use?

Im going to install my new Samsung 830 256 gig SSD today.
I was just doing some last minute reading to see what to do. I found this tweak guide in this forum. This article was posted on December 19, 2010.
I was wondering if anything in this guide does not apply anymore since there has been new improvements and technology developed since this article was posted -

List of what they say to do:
Set to AHCI Mode:
Verify TRIM is Enabled
Disable System Restore
Disable Drive Indexing
Disable Drive Defragmentation Schedule
Disable PageFile
Disable Hibernation
Disable Prefetch and Superfetch
Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flusing
Disable Windows Search and Superfetch
Disable ClearPageFileAtShutdown and LargeSystemCache
Adjusting the Power Settings

Thanks for your input on this.
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    It is still an excellent drive. However, some of the points are debatable. Not that they are wrong, it's just that the opposite opinion has a decent-size following of experienced people. These are

    Disable drive indexing
    Disable PageFile
    And, to a much lesser degree, disable Hibernation (only do this if you want to hibernate a lot).

    I personally fall on the side of enabling these. I'd rather have the drive work hard for me and wear out sooner in exchange for a faster experience.
  2. So what items in my op list did you do?
    I am like you, I want Max performance from my drive, if it wears ot in 2 years, no biggie I'll buy another one

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