AMD data change...update new data to DMI

I ordered, basically piece for piece, the 750 build for March.,2578-2.html

I got all the components in and started up the computer. But it gets to an error saying "AMD data change ... update data to DMI."

The screen does a PCI devices listing and gets through ide controller, USB 1.1, 2.0.. etc down until ACPI controller and then;
Verifying DMI Pool Data .........
AMD Data Change...Update New Data to DMI.

At first nothing would happen, it would just sit there.

Then I played with the BIOS and disabled the nonexistant floppy drive and set first boot to CD rom and second to HDD.

Now it starts loading and will read the Windows 7 install CD and (slowly) start the install process. But when it gets to the HD selection screen and it tells me that the hard drive isn't formatted to work.

Anybody know what's up?
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  1. I reset the CMOS a few times. Error still persist. Tho this time around the Windows install process wasn't slow, perfectly normal. But the AMD data change etc still persisted.

    So I decided to unplug the harddrive and CDrom drive. Same error still.

    Reset the CMOS again and no plug hdd/cdrom attached...same deal.

    Bad motherboard?
  2. Hey any chance you solved it? Had same thing happen to me today.
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