Doubled HDD usage after free space consolidation?

Yesterday i ran a defrag for a free memory consolidation on my 2x 1tb Raid 0 config. Well oddly enough, after it was completed my hard drive showed that its occupied space had literally doubled from 137.5 GB to 265 GB. Did the defrag screw my hard drive? After the defrag, Defraggler shows im at a 50% fragmented state but PerfectDisk says 0%. Should i be considering a format?

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  1. Defragged again to see if i could drop that 50% down a bit. 2 hours later, im at 60% fragmentation and added another 60 gig onto my hard drive (up to 320 gig space used now). Im pretty sure defrag is supposed to work in the opposite direction isnt it? so now i have a 60% fragmented hard drive, with 130 gigs of data that is actually taking up 320 gigs of space. Any suggestions? Should i be chewing out manufacturers at this point? lol
  2. After tinkering around a bit i found that my VSS volume is sitting around 190 gigs used. So that accounts for the missing space. Apparently the two defrags ran triggered a series of VSS backups to be saved. Thanks for all the responces /sarcasm
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