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Which parts to use (limited availability)

Hello everyone!
I`m building a new wc loop in preparation for new Haswell setup and I need some advice on which parts to use. Part availability is unfortunately quite limited and I don`t much fancy buying abroad in fear of shipping and customs fees.

Parts which I will be using are (note that if Haswell does not improve much, I might go for 3750k instead so let`s consider it`s possibly higher tdp too shall we!:
I5-4670k (3570k) Overclocked as much as possible
ati 6970 x2 crossfirex Stock speeds

I happen to already own a Eheim compact 1000 pump in a nice coca-cola 1,5liter "reservoir". I would prefer using the Eheim instead of buying a new pump but is it strong enough to handle the loop? I also have universal GPU blocks already, don`t remember the models.

The loop order I`m consider atm is: Reservoir/Pump->CPU (EK-Waterblocks EK-Supreme LTX - Nickel CSQ)-> radiator (Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 120) 2x 120mm ~1000rpm fans-> GPU1 -> GPU2 -> radiator (Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 360) 6x 120mm ~1000rpm fans ->Res/pump

Would I get away with using 240 rad after gpus instead of 360? Is 120 enough after CPU? Is the pump sufficient? Are the Alphacool rads good enough?

Water I`m using is super-distilled from nearby power/heat plant with a small amount of glycol. No dyes!
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    1| might want to head down to the watercooling sticky (located at the top of the section or in my sig) and scroll down to the pumps section. It details if the pump is good for your needs.

    We usually have to understand the nature of our loop, whether the parts we've chosen needs more head pressure(restrictive loops) or more flow rate(lower restrictive loops)

    2| I would scrap the Nickel EK off your to use/to buy list - it wreaks havoc with anything else non EK running non EK coolant. Also voids your warranty.

    The answer to your question my friend is in the sticky as well, if a 120 is more than enough...?

    Furthermore, Intel and any other maker/manufacturer tend to change some minor grimy details at the last moment just in time or before launch. So its best if you could amass your knowledge and pull the trigger after the hardware roll out :)

    3| You can look up Martinsliquidlab to find reviews of the radiator your questioning.

    4| You won't need Glycol in the loop, it adds a lil bit of restriction in your loop and impairs your thermal performance for its anti-corrosive properties, which isn't needed as you aren't running aluminium in your loop.
  2. I have been looking at the sticky and learned much but unfortunately most of the parts in those reviews are not available in my country. And as english is my second language I have a little trouble reading the more technical parts :( Thanks for the nickel tip though!
  3. If you don't mind me asking :) Where do you live?
  4. I live in the Europe's candyland of corrupt politics, Finland! :P
    The store I use for my cooling needs is Jimm's
    In theory it would be easy to order parts from other european countries but in practise it's a pain in ass! Last year a BOOK I ordered from UK spent a month in the customs and I've been waiting for my new tubing a good 2 weeks now too -_-

    Oh and thanks for the glycol tip too! I needed it before as I've been using zalman reserator loop (that thing is real pain when you want to move your pc...)
  5. may have some useful vendors for you,
    and theres also a vendor list in the W/c sticky, If Jimms isn't in it I can get rubix to add it for a Finland link but there may be other sites you can use too
  6. ^ Brilliant idea, mate I had an idea about adding various respective country E-tailers but I figured most ship everywhere. We rarely put thought into the mess that we may see at the borders.

    I had to wait nearly 2 months for my AMS to release from customs :P

    @ Kuunkulta - Google Bangladesh in your list of corrupt politicians :D Bloody Youtube's been blocked to mute freedom of speech - or rather freedom of visual gags :lol:
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