Weird sound coming from PSU

Hey, Finally got my PC, build it pretty good on a HAF 932, now I put my ear very close to the Rear grill of the PSU and I hear weird noises, I know for sure its not from the motherboard xD... its a Corsair 950w (black and yellow) looks sweet xD. I bought it from Newegg... btw I just hear those sounds like once in a minute, but it was constantly doing it while installing OS, Should I contact Newegg or Corsair for RAM//replace..? o.O

Also one quicky question ^.^ I got that Asus premium mobo,

ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366

Got a 6g/b WD hard drive, How do I know its operating at 6 g/b? and not 3g/b? Its connected on the right Sata slots ^.^ (gray ones) but I don't see em on Bios, I only see my DVD reader as Sata 1... :p Do I have to tweak something on its Jumpers? Im kinda lost ^.^ let me know asap plz.. Thanks!!
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  1. For your HD, use an HD benchmarking utility.

    What kind of noise is the PSU making? You can certainly RMA it if it's annoying, but a little coil whine is not a dangerous thing.
  2. Ugh, I don't know that much about electricity and PSU, but humm.. Imagine when you plug a xtension cord into the wall but you don't plug it good enough like it will make sound and u will see like the electricity hitting it.. well it sounds like that but soft ^.^ Right now everything is running smooth though,, All I hear are the fans :p but im still worried.. "/
  3. Anyway, Does anyone know how to make sure im running 6g/b sata? :s
  4. If it's snapping, popping, or such then yes it's a concern.

    Here is a hard drive utility that will tell you how fast your HD is running:
  5. Is there smoke? :P Some hd's will whine a little when you put a load on them. larger power supplies(transformers) will hum especially if you put your ear to them. . Snaps crackles and pops are not usually good you can usually smell the burning. Even my wife's low wattage pc will whine a little every once in a while. Mine screams at me all day. But yes I agree if it is annoying RMA it. IS BIGGER ALWAYS BETTER?
  6. man I was going to buy a couple of wd 640 6g/b sata but it's 3g/b brother went on sale didn't feel bad cause they cant run that fast but as soon as I bought em the 6's went on sale for same price baaaaa would like to try em just to see.
  7. now I put my ear very close to the Rear grill of the PSU and I hear weird noises,

    air turbulence from your PSU fans.

    If it's a new PSU it shouldn't be the fan starting to get worn out which will make ricketty or scratching sounds. What kind of sound, like a squeal?
  8. definitely not the fan, idk how to explain the sound, its kind of annoying when it does it.. like i described above.. some kind of electricity sound... :S
  9. There's picture files hosting. Too bad I don't know any sound file hosting sites because you could record the sound and we could listen and try to analyze it.

    You always load a video with sound from the back of the PSU on Youtu*e and we could check it. I'm now curious what is so odd about this sound. Like a humming or small crackles like a lightbulb going out, flickering? Does it make the sound on idle, full load, or randomly?
  10. tauro91 said:
    Got a 6g/b WD hard drive, How do I know its operating at 6 g/b? and not 3g/b?

    Since any mechanical HD maxes out at only a fraction of that speed< i wouldn't worry about it until you are connecting a SSD or 2
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